Company Profile

Vega Pharmaceuticals is an outcome of continuous consultations with industry experts, potential investors and other stakeholders. Vega has begun its operation with intention of discovering and developing improved quality medicines at affordable price.Most of the promoters in Vega are internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical research scientist and Non Resident Nepalese (NRN) of Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. Involvement of resourceful people with international knowledge, innovative ideas and expertise, it is believed that Vega is well positioned for developing, manufacturing and delivering distinguished pharmaceutical products in Nepal.

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Vega Pharmaceuticals, with the motto of ‘Promising for better life’ is a WHO GMP certified pharmaceutical industry with modern manufacturing facilities for allopathic oral solid and topical dosage forms i.e. tablets, capsules, Ointment, Cream & Gel. The company is professionally managed and ethically promoted medicine production house having manufacturing site at Lalitpur-22, Bungmati, Nepal.

The company is currently manufacturing and marketing 90 products. The facilities in the factory are constructed and periodically upgraded as per GMP norms. Management system of Vega Pharmaceuticals is committed to assurance of products for quality, safety, efficacy and potency by strict adherence with all aspects of GMP.