Message From Chairman

From the desk of chairman, I am delighted to announce our products in the market. Rigid in our vision, mission and corporate values, we are here to serve the nation along with the lives of people. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of Vega and welcome you with diversified offerings at your hand. From the day of establishment, Vega plans be an epitome to quality medicines.

From the desk, I want to assure that the company from the day of establishment is committed to protecting the environment. We know that sustainable economic development must seek to create new ways for doing business in which success is measured in terms of economic, ethical and environmental sustainability.

With this regard, I would like to appreciate all the stakeholders who have advised us in different steps and helped us meet the challenges we have faced. I expect continuous support and inspiration to the team Vega from every individual attached with it.

Kiran Raj Adhikary

Kiran Raj AdhikaryChairman