Mission Vision & Key Values

Vega pharmaceutical aims to develop innovative and valued medicines to become a prominent and technologically advanced organization in Pharmaceutical industry and make significant contributions to the society by providing better life through effective utilization of its strength.

  • To set best ethical practices in Pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Work tirelessly to provide better life by delivering products of best quality at affordable price so that our customers will receive superior value.
  • Provide better opportunity to the country’s technical and qualified personnel by creating jobs and recognition.
  • To be a market leader in our chosen fields through innovative and valued medicine.
  • Provide a profitable return to all stakeholders.

Our corporate values reflect what we believe in and stand for. Our values comprise the following: Virtue “Our Culture”, Excellence “Our commitment”, Group Work “Our Strength”, Achievement “Our Success”


Virtue generates an atmosphere of esteem, fairness and recognition.

  • We strive for honesty in our behavior every day.
  • We respect and practice a professional approach in all of our interactions.
  • We trust in our own abilities.


Excellence opens the door to the future.

  • We value creativity and individual initiative in our work.
  • We work for developing innovative and quality products.
  • We support goal-oriented behavior throughout the company.

Group Work

Build our business strength

  • We believe that group works teaches us how to work with others both in the company and with our customers.
  • Group work can help each other to improve our performance and work together toward improving our professional development.
  • We respect every individual suggestion and entertain brainstorming information which benefits the company.


Achievement makes our business success.

  • We support the personal development of our people and create a desire to achieve.
  • We ensure our customer satisfaction.
  • We develop spirit of innovation and a can do attitude.