Quality Control

Quality is mandated by the management and assured by the technical staff at every level of operation. We are focused to use quality raw materials to achieve the quality necessary to make a perfect product. A major portion of analytical testing is done for the raw materials and finished products are accomplished in-house and are carried out by qualified staff.

We have vigilant quality control procedure, which includes monitoring of work progress and through checking of finished products.

The Quality Control laboratory is equipped with adequate equipment for testing raw materials, intermediate and bulk products, finished products, water samples and stability samples by chemical and microbiological analysis. In-house microbiology laboratory serves for environment monitoring, antibiotic assay, microbial limit tests and microbiology of water samples.

Some instruments for anlaysis include UV-Visible spectrophotometer, HPLC, IR spectrometer, spectrofluorometer, polarimeter, KF titrator, etc.

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To address employee safety, laboratories are provided with safety shower, fire extinguishers, fire smoke alarm CCTV and loud speaker.