Life at Vega

Vega HR department not only inspire and challenge its team to perform, but provides challenging and friendly environment to work. Vega believes in team spirit and provides environment for mutual trust along with harmony to excel.

Vega pharmaceutical – A great place to work. This is what our people say about us.

Being QC In-Charge of Pharmaceutical Company receiving GMP certificate within short span of time is matter of pride. It provides me sense of responsibility to be stringent in controlling quality in product which prescribe rely and patient depend for the well being. Whole Vega family is Sincere and dedicated in building quality product so it is easy to accomplish my job.

Barsha ShresthaAst. Sr. Manager (QC)

I am Dipendra Chaudhary. I am working as an operator in production department. I have been working in this pharmaceutical sector for about 6 years. I have joined Vega Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. since 2013. We have a very pleasant working environment in here; good coherence among all the staffs. We are highly committed to produce quality medicines as per WHO-GMP. There is a provision of regular training on GMP norms and for acquaintance with the new technology.

“I am very happy to be a part of Vega family.”

Dipendra ChaudharyOperator

I joined Vega Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. as an Officer in production department. Since then I have been taking responsibility of production processes and human resource management within the department. We have well qualified production officers, operators and other staffs, who are highly devoted to ensure quality of our medicines. Our manufacturing facilities are designed as per WHO-GMP guidelines.We have been the first company in the history of Nepal to be successfully certified with WHO-GMP only within one year of starting production.It is with the untiring efforts of all our qualified and highly energetic staffs, that we have achieved many valuable milestones in the short span of its establishment. At Vega, we have committed all our energies towards making ourselves a recognized leader in the global pharmaceutical industry by furnishing quality medicines. Nothing takes our attention more than delivering quality products to our patients. I appreciate Vega for creating a good working environment and motivating us to ensure quality at every steps of production process.

Bishnu BashyalProduction Incharge

I including most of my colleagues started our professional career from ‘Vega Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.’, which was a newly born baby in a market. We feel lucky and proud to be the pioneer employees of the company.

Choosing to work in a just launched company was a challenging to me and I was prepared that I must work extra hard than in a well established company. But I was ready to accept the challenge coz; On the other hand, it has many doors of opportunities to progress in career.

Ups and downs in every field are natural phenomena which help us to become stronger. We also faced different ups and downs but we were never demoralized but worked hard as a team and have become stronger like a rock.

Likewise, facing different ups and downs in the company, getting claps and sometimes slaps (literally) from the seniors, friendly and learning environment, co-operative and joyful colleagues have made me stronger and motivated. And I believe it is same with my colleague also.

Within a short period of time, ‘Vega’ has achieved a good space in the pharmaceuticals market and being part of company make me proud and always believe that our working environment have made it happen.

Nimesh ShresthaSr. Area Sales Manager (HQ)

I started my life in Vega pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd with new commitment and challenge.It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of Vega. In the rush of mushrooming pharmaceutical company it was a big challenge for all of us to work in a newly born company. But due to encouraging, friendly, learning and motivating environment it became easy for me to work. “All roads that leads to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point”. We also faced different problems and as a result we became more stronger. “Morning shows the day “truly Vega describes it by its name “a bright star”. It’s sure that one day Vega will hold the best position in the Pharma industry as it has already reflected it by its achievement.

Annie Lata DasSr. MSO

From the beginning of Marketing Department in Vega pharmaceuticals, I have been involved with this company. It is a matter of pride to be the part of Marketing Department and providing services in Vega Pharmaceuticals.       There’s a saying.”Practical education helps to gain more knowledge than theoretical education”. From the day IST in Vega, I have got the opportunity of both practical and theoretical opportunity. I feel so proud to be here and enhance knowledge and skill. Nowadays, I found myself as a different person with positive energy, patience, hard work & self motivated. Similarly I want to thank Vega pharmaceuticals for making me fully concerned and practical towards my professional career, family and social aspects. The best part I like about Vega is motivation from our manager to keep balance between personal and professional life. It helps me to be a social in every aspect. From my point , I feel myself as a lucky to be part of young energetic team whose goal is to provide quality and innovative medicine and make Nepalese industry self sufficiency in allopathic medicine. I am thankful to my friend who recommended me in Vega where there is space and environment for my carrier growth.

Rabin RaiSr. Area Sales Manager

Today where we stand and tomorrow where we can reach defines us and reflects our achievements.

I remember the day, when I was approached by my seniors to join here. It was really a tough and challenging decision to leave a MNC company and join a new domestic industry. But by nature, I love to take challenge. So I decided to join a new company with determination to establish brand of Vega in a market. Now after 15 month of my service I personally thank you my seniors for your recommendation, guidance and working environment which helped me to be here in this level. My journey with the organization has been very fruitful and challenging at the same time, full with immense learning and growing opportunity since the very beginning and I believe it will prosper along with the time in future. The working environment at the organization has been very encouraging, motivating and appreciating which makes everyone involved working enthusiastically to achieve the organizational goals.

Vega has been able to establish itself as one of the renowned company in the pharmaceutical industry of our country in a short span of time. The research and development, marketing strategy and execution competency of the organizational team reflects the potential of the organization to excel in future.

Rajesh AcharyaRegional Sales Manager

At Vega there Is an open door management system where every people are free to express their ideas and participate in decision making. I personally believe that participation of every people in managerial decision helps to build a strong team and make a colleague more responsible and self motivate toward their job. After joining Vega I realized that nothing is impossible if we work in a team. Now I believe that “TOGETHER WE CAN” and I am always happy seeing my colleague who believe as we do. Continuous growth through appraisal process is always a positive sign of Vega Pharmaceutical.

Buddhi Raj AdhikariArea Sales Manager